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Let us enjoy music and protect hearing as well!

From: My Results <myresultsmail@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2012 10:34:04 -0800
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Hi guys,

We listen to loud music more often than normal people. Loud sound can cause
permanent hearing loss. Let us enjoy music and protect hearing as well!

Some facts that I get to know are:
(1) Very loud MP3 players, playing in a band, live rock music, among
others, can put us at high risk for early hearing loss.
(2) Hearing loss caused by loud music is permanent. Neither surgery nor
medicine can restore hearing.
(3) Hearing loss may be painless. But damage is cumulative.
(4) More than 900 million people in the world are suffering from hearing
(5) 15% of young people have hearing loss.

I just find a medical-grade App that can protect hearing and help to
prevent me from hearing loss. The app will flash and alert if my music
volume is too dangerous according to government standard:

If you were interested, you could take a look as well.


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