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Re: Feature request and a Chrome 22 bug?

From: Ray Bellis <ray@bellis.me.uk>
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2012 19:43:21 +0000
Message-ID: <50A2A2D9.7090602@bellis.me.uk>
To: public-audio@w3.org
On 06/11/2012 16:42, Ray Bellis wrote:
> This works on Chrome 25.0.1317.0 canary but doesn't work on Chrome 22 -
> the node's "playBackState" appears stuck in "scheduled" even though I
> called "node.noteOn(0)".
The problem I reported last week persists in Chrome 23, but I've found 
that it's not related directly to my "Unity Source Node". It's also 
present in Safari 6.0.x

My set up code is below:

             // WebAudio set up
             var ctx = this.ctx = new webkitAudioContext();

             // Main Audio chain
             // NB: filters doubled to provide original 24dB/octave cutoff
             var osc = this.osc = ctx.createOscillator();
             var vcaenv = this.vcaenv = ctx.createGainNode();
             var filter1 = this.filter1 = ctx.createBiquadFilter();
             var filter2 = this.filter2 = ctx.createBiquadFilter();
             var master = this.master = ctx.createGainNode();
             var mute = this.mute = ctx.createGainNode();


             // VCF chain
             var unity = this.unity = ctx.createUnitySource();
             var vcfenv = this.vcfenv = ctx.createGainNode();
             var vcfgain = this.vcfgain = ctx.createGainNode();


The primary chain is all audio: oscillator -> VCA EG -> Filters * 2 -> 
Master Volume -> Audio On/Off

The secondary chain is there to allow an envelope to be applied to the 
two filters.   The filters have a base frequency, and then the VCF EG is 
multiplied by a gain node set to the same frequency as the filters and 
then also connected to the filters.  The effect _should_ be that when 
the VCF EG is at "1" the  filter cutoff goes up by one octave.

But - the unity node _never_ leaves "scheduled" state.   I tried 
replacing the AudioBufferNode it's built from with a standard oscillator 
and I get the same behaviour.

*However* - if I add:


at the end, it all starts (but of course doesn't sound right).

It looks like something is confusing the node graph, but I can't tell 
what.  I've looked on the WebKit bugzilla and can't find any fixes that 
look related, although it does appear fine in Chrome 25.   I'd really 
like to get this up and working on standard releases of Chrome and 
Safari so I can finish the project and release it.

Any ideas?


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