Use Cases and Requirements table, rev.3


Hope the versioning-by-email mechanism is not too tedious! I wanted to 
offer an updated version of the use cases and requirements table as 
material for the WG discussion during today's teleconference.

Changes to the table since revision 2:

* Assuming that there will be no objection, I have tentatively 
documented UC6 as high-priority
* Based on Werther's input, I have matched the wavetable synthesis 
requirements to UC2 - Game with audio and music
* Proper matching for the "Dynamic Range Compression" requirement is 
TBD. I'd like a volunteer…

Following those changes, it is important to note that ALL the 
requirements are now matched by at least one high priority use case. 
Which is both good news (means all requirements listed are relevant) and 
bad (means that prioritization will have to be done according to some 
other metric).

the requirements are now split in two groups:

**** Requirements shared by more than half of the use cases ****

* Support for primary audio file formats
* Playing / Looping sources of audio (playback alongside visualisation)
* Support for basic polyphony
* Audio quality
* Modularity of transformations
* Transformation parameter automation
* gain adjustment
* playback rate adjustment
* filtering
* Mixing Sources

**** Requirements shared by less than half the UCs ****

* One source, many sounds
* Capture of audio from microphone, line in, other inputs
* Sample-accurate scheduling of playback
* Buffering (may be reasonable to only start music/viz when buffering is 
* Rapid scheduling of many independent sources
* Triggering of audio sources
* spatialization
* Noise gating
* dynamic range compression (TBC)
* The simulation of acoustic spaces
* The simulation of occlusions and obstructions
* Ducking
* Echo cancellation
* Level detection
* Frequency domain analysis
* Generation of common signals for synthesis and parameter modulation 
* The ability to read in standard definitions of wavetable instruments
* Acceptable performance of synthesis

The new table is attached.

Olivier Thereaux
BBC Internet Research & Future Services

Received on Monday, 20 February 2012 16:19:33 UTC