Comments on the Web Audio API

Hello all,

I'm the main coder of Angry Birds Chrome, and we've just recently added
support for the Web Audio API to the game and so I thought I'd share my
experience with it. Thus far we'd been using Flash to handle audio as that
was the only way we could get audio to work 100% the way we wanted (sound
effects firing at precisely the right point and so forth), but it always
irritated me that our otherwise HTML5 game was still dependent on a plugin.

In a nutshell, the Web Audio API was straight-forward to get working and we
didn't really come across any problems with it, it pretty much just works.
It gives us exactly the kind of control we required of audio, and it'd be
great to see wider support for it among browser vendors.

*Ilkka Halila*
Web Game Programmer
Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
+358 50 544 6086

Received on Monday, 6 February 2012 10:01:10 UTC