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Teleconferences calendar this summer

From: olivier Thereaux <olivier.thereaux@bbc.co.uk>
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2012 13:51:42 +0100
Message-Id: <155B39DE-CD21-4E56-A5DA-CC9632F6791A@bbc.co.uk>
To: Audio Working Group <public-audio@w3.org>
Hi Group,

There have been a lot of discussions about teleconferences in the recent past. Many of us appreciate the "heartbeat" it gives the group, many also find them inconveniently timed - as a natural consequence of our multiple home time zones - and think we can make equally good progress with the mailing-list and a good issue tracker (which we now have adopted).

As a compromise, I would like to propose that during the summer months, we try holding a longer teleconference once a month, instead of the 1-h call every week. Such a frequency may be particularly suitable to the summer months, where activity tends to slow down a little anyway.

In more detais:

* The call would last up to 2 hours

* It would be held at the "usual" time 
Wednesdays noon SF, 3pm Boston, 8PM London, 9PM Paris and 7am (Thursdays) Aucklandů Although the time is not great for those of us is Europe and Oceania, I urge us all to make the effort to attend those less frequent calls.

* Proposed dates: 13th June, 11 July, 22 August
Those dates would avoid several national holidays and be reasonably spread out during the upcoming months.

* We would reassess at the end of August whether to switch back to a weekly schedule

* We will keep our weekly slot on the bridge available for the main "plenary" call to be complemented by ad-hoc meetings, e.g if the editors want to meet with the chairs, if there is any specific pressing topic which a number of us want to talk about, etc.

Any objection to such a trial?


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