Re: comment about the Web Audio Processing UC and Reqs.

I wonder if we should have a different UC&Req document for the MIDI API.
Depends on how much overlap there is, I guess.

Anyway, I think it would be extremely useful if someone else could write
the use cases and requirements for the MIDI API, not least because I'm
completely snowed in right now, but mainly because I think other people's
use cases and requirements might raise good new scenarios I've overlooked
that are either too complicated or impossible (I doubt that one though) to
achieve with the proposed API. It would also help me with making code
examples and such.

I currently have a test suite for the API in the works so that as soon as
we have an implementation we can test it (to the extent that it's
possible). I'm also planning to make an experimental build of Firefox or
Chromium to support the API if I can only find the time.


On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 11:24 AM, Thierry MICHEL <> wrote:

> Olivier,
> Here is a comment about the Web Audio Processing: Use Cases and
> Requirements
> Now that we should have a new Audio charter to specify a MIDI spec,
> I propose to highlight better a MIDI use case with probably a high
> priority.
> Currently MIDI is only mentioned in UC 6
> "applications that include the ability to render standard MIDI files as
> sound (see UC 3) "
> UC3 is low priority and UC6 high priority.
> The document is getting close to a publishable state.
> We should probably publish it soon, to get some feedback.
> Use Cases and Requirements docs are an important layer to build the spec
> upon.
> Thierry.

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