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Summary of issues

From: Marcus Geelnard <mage@opera.com>
Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 12:13:44 +0200
To: public-audio@w3.org
Message-ID: <op.wepf06vqm77heq@mage-desktop>
Here's a rough categorization of the issues we have filed so far, without  
any implied prioritization. Hopefully this will make it clearer which  
issues are in need of wider review and which are about moving commas  

== Architecture ==

Issues with a large impact on the architecture of implementations.

ISSUE-24 CircularRouting
ISSUE-28 ScriptStateInteraction
ISSUE-42 AudioParamSampling
ISSUE-49 AudioBufferDirectAccess
ISSUE-55 HTMLMediaElementIntegration
ISSUE-56 HTMLMediaElementSync
ISSUE-74 RealtimeAnalyserNode
ISSUE-94 DynamicLifetime

== API changes ==

Issues of consistency with the Web platform or simplifications of  
interfaces that affect the API but do not seem to have a big impact on  

ISSUE-17 UseDoubles
ISSUE-18 NumericConstants
ISSUE-21 EmptyInterfaces
ISSUE-23 readonly
ISSUE-25 NamingInconsistency
ISSUE-26 NodeCreation
ISSUE-27 NamespacePollution
ISSUE-31 activeSourceCount
ISSUE-32 AudioNodeReferences
ISSUE-34 AudioParamName
ISSUE-35 AudioParamUnits
ISSUE-38 setTargetValueAtTime
ISSUE-44 AudioGain
ISSUE-48 AudioBufferSimpl
ISSUE-52 NoteOnOffNaming
ISSUE-54 MediaElementAudioSourceNode
ISSUE-57 JavaScriptAudioNodeName
ISSUE-60 addEventListener
ISSUE-83 OscillatorDetune

== Missing information ==

Missing information that appears simple to specify/fix without big changes  
to implementations.

ISSUE-19 SamplingFormat
ISSUE-20 currentTime
ISSUE-22 ExceptionType
ISSUE-33 numberOfChannels
ISSUE-36 linearRampToValueAtTime
ISSUE-37 exponentialRampToValueAtTime
ISSUE-39 setValueCurveAtTime
ISSUE-40 AudioParamCombinations
ISSUE-41 AudioNodeAsAudioParam
ISSUE-45 AudioGainScale
ISSUE-46 DeZippering
ISSUE-47 DelayNodeSmoothing
ISSUE-50 AudioBufferSourceNodeModification
ISSUE-51 AudioBufferSourceNodeState
ISSUE-53 NoteOnOffInteraction
ISSUE-58 JavaScriptAudioNodeBufferSize
ISSUE-59 AudioProcessingEventScheduling
ISSUE-61 AudioPannerNodeModels
ISSUE-62 AudioPannerNodeUnits
ISSUE-63 AudioPannerNodeVectorNormalization
ISSUE-65 AudioListenerAttributes
ISSUE-66 AudioListenerDefaults
ISSUE-67 DisablingAudioListener
ISSUE-68 AudioListenerOrientation
ISSUE-69 LinearConvolution
ISSUE-70 ConvolverNodeChannels
ISSUE-71 EqualPowerNormalization
ISSUE-72 ConvolverNodeState
ISSUE-73 ConvolverNodeLimits
ISSUE-75 DynamicsCompressorNode
ISSUE-76 BiquadFilterNode
ISSUE-78 WaveShaperNodeInterpolation
ISSUE-79 WaveShaperNodeCurveLength
ISSUE-80 OscillatorTypes
ISSUE-81 OscillatorTypeModification
ISSUE-82 OscillatorTypeException
ISSUE-84 WaveTableNormalization
ISSUE-85 OscillatorFolding
ISSUE-92 AudioBufferSourceNodeResampling
ISSUE-93 AudioBufferSourceNodePlaybackRate
ISSUE-95 ChannelLayouts
ISSUE-96 ChannelDownMixing
ISSUE-97 EventScheduling
ISSUE-103 numberOfInputsOutputs

== Editorial ==

Issues of spec style, rearranging/dropping sections, etc.

ISSUE-29 WebKitSyntax
ISSUE-30 CrossReferences
ISSUE-43 AudioGainTOC
ISSUE-64 ThisLink
ISSUE-86 UserAgentSniffing
ISSUE-87 HardwareScalability
ISSUE-88 JavaScriptPerformance
ISSUE-89 DropSections
ISSUE-90 MixerGainStructureInformative
ISSUE-91 But
ISSUE-98 SpatializationPanning
ISSUE-99 RecordingImpulseResponsesEtc
ISSUE-100 LinearEffectsUsingConvolution
ISSUE-101 JavaScriptProcessing
ISSUE-102 RealtimeAnalysis

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