Re: Web Audio API spec review

> Is the reason that the Web Audio API has been implemented for longer time?

I would say no. The reviews from companies I saw were after a
MediaStreams build and documentation were available.

> This is the part I'm not really aware of. What industry and why?

Primarily game and music companies. Only games companies, to my
knowledge, made an effort to review the specs.

The Web Audio API's features were closer to the needs of the industry
members that contacted the group. When companies contacted me about
the work, I asked them to review both specs; however they chose not to
review the MediaStreams API because it was not a good fit for the
kinds of projects they work on.

One of the most desired features/complaints was real streaming support
from the Web Audio API, so that developers do not have to download
content up-front, especially important in low-bandwidth situations.

Hope that helps


Received on Tuesday, 15 May 2012 16:00:57 UTC