Minutes of audio WG Teleconference, 2012-05-09

Dear all,

The minutes of our meeting on9th May 2012 are available online:

 Spec Roadmap
 JavaScriptNode buffer size and delay (ISSUE-13 and ISSUE-14)

We started the meeting with a follow-up on last week's discussion on our two-spec approach. We quickly agreed that the current traction for the web audio API made it a good time to publish the mediaStream processing API as a note and focus on the web audio API. 

After a short discussion on mediaStream integration, we talked a little about the use cases and requirement, and agreed to publish that as a working draft, with a view to eventually have it as a note. The UC&R note will include notes of features we have left out in the web audio spec, and will be linked from the spec.

We then had a discussion about ISSUE-13 and the problems which can be caused in some cases by the latency created by the buffering for JavaScriptAudioNodes. The discussion moved to the topic of whether we should specify latency compensation, and whether that should be opt-in or opt-out. Chris Rogers will be pointing us to a past discussion on the subject, and we will need more feedback from developers on actual use cases.

Finally, we talked about the default value for bufferSize in createJavaScriptNode() (ISSUE-14) and considered the possibility of letting the implementation choose the buffer size, as is the case in the mediaStreams processing spec. The discussion will continue on the list.

List of resolutions:
RESOLVED: the group will publish the mediastream processing API as a note
RESOLVED: our new charter will document the focus on the web audio API as our audio processing spec
RESOLVED: the group will publish the use cases & requirements as a WD, with a view to publish as a note
RESOLVED: features left out of scope for the v1 of web audio API will be documented in the UC&R Note

Next meeting: Wednesday 16th May, noon LA, 3pm Boston, 8PM London, 9PM Paris, 7AM (+1D) Auckland

You can find all our meeting minutes and resolutions at:


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