Re: Web Audio API availability for Windows and Linux

On Fri, May 13, 2011 at 11:25 AM, Jussi Kalliokoski <> wrote:

> Marvellous!!!
> I've just updated audiolib.js and now all my demos work again on both APIs.
> I tested the Windows and Linux builds and they're both working very nicely!

Hi Jussi, glad to hear this is working for you!

> Sidenote: the performance on Linux seems to be extremely superior compared
> to Windows, on Linux I get faster than ASIO latencies, can't manage to press
> enough keys to make it break (in that it's also superior to Firefox to my
> surprise), however on Windows there are audible cracks as it becomes more
> easily stressed, and also the latency is noticeable, and there performance
> is inferior to Firefox. That is on a dual boot, shouldn't have anything to
> do with graphics rendering, I have broken drivers on Linux. Is there any
> particular reason to this? I'm running Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows 7 Ultimate.
> Is it the backend (DirectAudio? ASIO is probably out of the question...)? I
> recall observing the same performance difference with Firefox as well.

We definitely could do some performance tuning on Windows.  Currently, the
Chrome audio back-end is using the wavOut API for Windows which is a very
old (but easy to use) API.  We may be able to do better than this.  Also, we
need to adjust the renderer-side thread priority to handle more stress.
 It's good news to hear that your Linux performance is good, but we can
probably tune this even better as well.

> Anyway, a long wait rewarded, thank you, and congratulations, Chris!
> Jussi

Thanks, I really appreciate your patience.  It's great to know this is
working for you and to get more information about where we can do some


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