Re: MIDI in Web Audio

Hello, all!

As Chris said, I've done some experimentation on connecting MIDI devices to
the browser, so to summarize, the options I've tried out are:

 - Java applet: see , it works quite
nicely, except for some quirkiness that using applets brings (e.g. if you
connect a device and refresh, the device is no longer detected). I've been
supposed to make a little screencast out of this...
 - midinode: a project to make
a NodeJS port of PortMidi. Discontinued since Hans got way ahead of me. :)

If someone still wants to experiment while we wait for the APIs, I suggest
doing browser extensions using PortMidi.

About the HTTP as a means for transfering MIDI, my initial tests showed that
the EventSource ( ) API was locally
used very stable and quick for this use case. I was given the hint to try it
out by Mark Boas. I also think the EventSource API fits the purpose of
sending MIDI data quite well, because both are of a one-way nature.

Best Regards,
Jussi Kalliokoski

Received on Friday, 29 April 2011 03:22:30 UTC