Re: Mobile Devices

Hi Al,

Although the core audio engine is in WebKit, there is a porting layer for
different platforms.  For example, there is an already working (though not
enabled by default) implementation for Mac OS X WebKit.framework (which
Safari and other applications use).  There is also a Chromium implementation
(shipping on Mac OS X).  Somebody has started a GTK port, but it's still in
its early stages.  The WebKit.framework used on iOS is built from an Apple
private branch of WebKit.  I would like to get the right platform-specific
tweaks in place to have a working iPad version, but we're not there yet.
 Because of the large overlap between the Mac OS X APIs and the iOS APIs, I
don't expect a huge amount of work there, but I imagine there might need to
be some iOS-specific optimizations to make it run really well.  In any case,
it will require help from Apple to get any new audio-related APIs into a
shipping version for iOS.


On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 10:39 AM, Alistair Macdonald <> wrote:

> Hi Chris Rogers,
> I am wondering if a Jail-Broken or Apple-Developer iPad is a good place to
> experiment with the Web Audio implementation at this stage?
> Do you know of anyone who has already tested a Webkit implementation on the
> iPad?
> Regards,
> Alistair

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