RE: aria-keyshortcuts

This is a good draft.

Suppose the shortcut applies to a command that is only otherwise available from deep within a menu hierarchy. For example, it could be an “insert new footnote” command in a document editor.

I would interpret the shortcut as applying to the document which is being edited, and therefore the fact that the “add footnote” option is not visible when the shortcut is invoked wouldn’t violate the provision according to which:
must ensure that when elements having aria-keyshortcuts are invisible, hidden, or marked disabled those keyboard shortcuts are unavailable.”

Even though it is true that there is a menu option (not currently visible) that the shortcut invokes.

Of course, a case could be made for attaching the aria-keyshortcut property to the menu option so that the user is informed of it when they traverse the menu. If the property is placed on the menu option rather than on the widget containing the editable document then we do indeed have a problem with the above wording.


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