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>>> That said, I’m not absolutely opposed, and would only suggest, if we are going to allow “accessible” to mean “accessible object”, that this be somehow clarified in any spec that uses it that way. Including it in the glossary might be an option, but then some instances of the word “accessible” would link to the glossary entry while others wouldn’t. Or maybe the usage could be indicated in the prose the first time it is used like that, e.g. “Accessibility APIs include a tree of accessible objects, often referred to as accessibles, and information about each one:…”
>> We discussed this at last week's AAPI meeting, and we are in agreement with the change to "accessible object(s)".  We have a request, though:  could you make that editorial change as part of your pull request (  That is, replace all occurrences of "accessible" with "accessible object". I'm not sure, but that should be straight forward.  If it isn't, and you'd rather I do it, let me know.
> This is done now and PR issued:
> Actually pretty straightforward. Found only two relevant instances of “accessible” to replace.
> Will leave you to merge. I don’t think I should've merged the previous PR #279 either as I’m not editor for CORE. Apologies to any toes.

It's not that big a deal, but, in general, only the editor merges. That 
was decided at one of the editors' meetings.

Also, at yesterday's AAPI meeting, we noticed a typo in the UIA example 
(my fault), that Cynthia was tasked to fix -- you've already fixed it.  
In addition she is going to make further changes to her example, using 
the ACTION-1569-(2) branch. I was hoping all of the changes would show 
in pull 279, and after vetting them, merge them into master all at 
once.  I guess Cynthia's changes will show up now in pull 289.

Nonetheless, your modifications are appreciated.  Thank you!
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