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“A landmark is a recognizeable feature of a web page that can be used for navigation. Features like the header, footer, navigation and main content area of a page can be identified using ARIA landmark roles.


Usage of “navigation” in both sentences confuses me. Could we change it to something like:


A landmark is a recognisable feature or area of a web page like the header, footer, navigation, and main content area. These areas can be made identifiable with ARIA landmark roles.”


Works For Me (WFM).


“The second paragraphs “Assistive technologies like screen readers provide…” can be appended to the first one. I don’t think the subject of both differs enough to warrant separate paragraphs.”




“The following screenshot has the X, Y and Z content regions indicated:


Have attached a screenshot which has 1. header/banner (blue border), 2. navigation ( purple border), and 3. main content (green border) regions indicated. (marked by both the numbers listed and a border colour)”


Sounds good.


“Under 2.1.1. Identify content regions, end of second bullet:


…or navigation blocks within the main content


I don’t consider navigation blocks to be main content, but rather website chrome/UI. I’m curious as to what other people think about that. Is it common practice to put nav-elements within a main element?”


I think there are use cases (pagination of search results for example), but another example here would be fine.


Bit of a nitpick, but under 2.1.3. Add labels, do people think the id=weather part helps to clarify what it is? I don’t think it helps, but it does make the code example more complicated/longer. Could be shortened, but if people think it helps it’s a different story.”


It’s fine to remove it.


2.2. Landmark roles


“I do agree with Jon’s point; it would be nice to have these in the table of contents.”




“Addition bullet for navigation pattern:


Tip: If multiple navigation landmarks hold the same set of links, they should have the same label”




“Second bullet under region pattern:


If a document contains multiple region landmarks, each one should have a label to differentiate it from the rest”




“I think every region should have a label; there is no other information available as to what it is or does. An unlabelled navigation landmark can still make sense, an unlabelled region can not.”


If we require this for the ARIA landmark, we will need to explain that it is not the case with HTML. There should be no requirement for the <section> element to have an accessible name.





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