Clarification regarding "required owned elements"

Oh wise ones.

I got a question.

When a role has required owned elements, does that mean that any other
element owned by that role is invalid?


the tablist role must own elements with role="tab"

What if the tablist role also owns elements with role tabpanel


<div role="tablist">

<div role="tab" id="tab1" aria-controls="tabp1" aria-selected="true"
tabindex="0">Tab 1</div>

<div role="tabpanel" id="tabp1" aria-labelledby="tab1">

Some content




If I were designing an ARIA checker, should I call a violation for this code
because role tabpanel cannot be owned by role="tablist"?

I am 95% sure that is the case, but I want to check with the masters of the




Received on Tuesday, 1 March 2016 19:43:27 UTC