Re: [Accessibility-ia2] Mapping of aria-errormessage for ATK/AT-SPI2 and IA2

Sounds great. I'm happy with this mapping.

Would this message be included in the concatenated description string 
for an object? I'm not sure if ATK has this, but in MSAA (and thus IA2), 
you can call the accDescription property and it provides the description 
as a string. Right now, that would include the text of anything listed 
in aria-describedby. I think it *should* include the error message myself.


On 24/02/2016 5:42 AM, Joanmarie Diggs wrote:
> Hey all.
> We need to map aria-errormessage on the various platforms, including
> ATK/AT-SPI2 and IA2. Given the ongoing desire for cross-platform
> homogeneity, I'll toss out what I was thinking for my platform for
> consideration by IA2 folks.
> Proposal: Connect the message to the element with the error via the
> "errormessage" as an object attribute.
> Rationale:
> 1. An error message provides descriptive information about an object.
> 2. Exposure via a relation eliminates the need to tree dive to find
>     the error.
> 3. Accessible relations can have multiple targets, so this exposure
>     does not stomp on a non-error description while at the same time
>     eliminating the need for each platform to create a new relation
>     type(s).
> 4. The object attribute is needed to identify which target (if any)
>     is an error message.
> Thoughts?
> --joanie
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