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Re: menu button example for the APG review

From: Michiel Bijl <michiel@agosto.nl>
Date: Mon, 1 Feb 2016 11:43:31 +0100
Cc: Matt King <mck@fb.com>, James Nurthen <james.nurthen@oracle.com>, ARIA Working Group <public-aria@w3.org>
Message-Id: <291D6E1F-5CAE-40CC-BE5D-BDC1B9F353C7@agosto.nl>
To: Jon Gunderson <jongund@illinois.edu>
Shouldn’t focus be returned to the button after a selection is made? On top of that, I think the menu should close after a activation; that is consistent with all mayor OS’ as far as I know.


> On 29 Jan 2016, at 22:06, Gunderson, Jon R <jongund@illinois.edu <mailto:jongund@illinois.edu>> wrote:
> Matt and James,
> Here is a link to the updated proposed menu button example for the APG for review on Monday’s call:
> https://rawgit.com/jongund/aria/master/practices/examples/menu-button/menu-button-1.html <https://rawgit.com/jongund/aria/master/practices/examples/menu-button/menu-button-1.html>
> Jon

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