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Another question. Are expected results already defined? If so, what is the process in case we may have comments on what the expected results should be?



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Hi All, 


Sorry I've been missing in action - a little over my head with commitments at the UW. Are you wanting to keep testing within this group for now, or are you open to recruiting volunteers from the outside? 



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Correcting an error with the date...


Den ons 22 apr. 2020 kl 23:47 skrev Simon Pieters < <> >:

Hi aria-at folks!


Per our development plan <> , we want to run a pilot test with 6 AT/browser combinations during the week of May 4-8.


Sorry, this should say May 11-15.


 The goal is to run through 3 test plans and produce test results, so we know that it works before we start the first complete test cycle.


If you are able to run tests (i.e., you know how to use the relevant screen reader), it would be great if you could contribute time that week for this.


The AT/browser combinations (though see issue 116 <> ) are:

* JAWS/Chrome
* JAWS/Firefox
* NVDA/Chrome
* NVDA/Firefox
* macOS VoiceOver/Chrome
* macOS VoiceOver/Safari

If 6 people run tests, we estimate it will take around 6-8 hours per person. If 12 people run tests it will be 3-4 hours instead. :-)


Please use issue <>  162 to volunteer.




Simon Pieters



Simon Pieters

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