Argumentation and RDFa

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Argumentation models and formats can facilitate new features for hypertext documents, digital books and digital textbooks containing conversational, mathematical, scientific, legal, and political argumentation.  Machine-utilizable argumentation structures can be added to documents with RDFa (, and argumentation interchange and representation formats (

With argumentation and RDFa, in addition to scenarios with machine-utilizable arguments, for example mathematical proofs, in digital documents, the thesis statements, topic sentences, and supporting sentences in documents can be indicated, as can relationships between claims, evidence, measurement and methodology, enhancing document navigation, enhancing the indexing, search, and retrieval of documents, enhancing content discovery, and enhancing document summarization.

The quoting and citing of referenced materials and the cross-referencing of document elements pertain to argumentation structures in documents. Where documents quote or cite referenced materials, argumentation structures may have typed links to referenced materials or to content in referenced materials and where documents cross-reference document elements, argumentation structures may have typed links to document elements.

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