Re: [widgets] Widgets URI scheme

It is important I think that the package itself have an HTTP URI.
Yes, there will be times when you don't retrieve it in the normal  
course of business, and times when it is aggressively cached (what we  
call installation), but it should have an HTTP URI for all the normal  

So that suggests that the HTTP URI for the package, which names it, be  
the reference point for things inside the package, to identify them.

Why not adopt the convention that one just continues with a slash?

This would mean the server would have to reply to it either with a  
response indicating "You have asked for part of a package X, go get  
the package" or it could say You have asked for part of a package X,  
here is what you asked for" and extract it.


On 2008-05 -23, at 07:27, Williams, Stuart (HP Labs, Bristol) wrote:

> I was thinking that a media type/content type for .zip (like) files  
> with a definitions such that fragIds can be used to refer to the  
> items within the file - admittedly doesn't nest to well items within  
> a zipped item in a zip file. Haven't checked to see if such a media  
> type exists or has been attempted in the past, but it seems to me  
> more appropriate than a URI scheme.
> BR
> Stuart
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>>> Dear TAG,
>>> The WAF working group is seeking advice on the creation of a Widget
>>> URI scheme.
>> If you really can't live with http: URIs, have you considered
>> using the
>> tag: URI scheme, see
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>> Dan

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