Request for Comments on Enabling Read Access for Web Resources

Hello Art,

Please accept my apologies for the late response. Some time ago [1] the
TAG asked me to send along the following comment in response to your
request[2] for feedback which I utterly failed to do at the time.


The TAG have asked me to respond to your request for feedback [2]. 
In addition to comments from Rhys Lewis [3], the TAG has the following

1) The TAG would like the introduction to the document to contain a
   account of the rationale behind the existing UA sandbox policy and
the attacks
   that it is intended to guard against. For example, we believe that
one of 
   the key use-cases that the sandbox policy is intended to address is
   of confidential information from behind a firewall arising from
   accidental or malicious scripted behaviour executing within the UA.

   We would then like the document to indicate whether there are
situations where
   implementation of the Read Access Control Policy mechanism would make
a UA
   and the network to which it is attached any more vulnerable to

   We think that the increased risk is probably small, but we believe
that the 
   document should present more analysis than it does at present.

Stuart Williams
for W3C TAG


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