Re: Accessibility Review Request for CSS Sizing Level 3 [css-sizing-3]

I'm on it.

-Amy Carney
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Sent: Friday, October 23, 2020 11:56 AM
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Subject: Accessibility Review Request for CSS Sizing Level 3 [css-sizing-3]

Hi APA Working Group,

CSS WG requests Accessibility review of CSS Sizing Module Level 3;!!J2_8gdp6gZQ!8kEgmys22Bt2SouyrA5wqPnpr3ZYPlbwQjUmu-12FUhxWRzep6BNnrZnfClxhSAEzFyq$

This CSS module defines the various sizing properties and concepts used
throughout CSS. New features since CSS2 are summarized in*changes-3__;Iw!!J2_8gdp6gZQ!8kEgmys22Bt2SouyrA5wqPnpr3ZYPlbwQjUmu-12FUhxWRzep6BNnrZnfClxheS-4wV_$

This specification is in the “almost CR” stage of development, so we expect it
to transition, in more or less its current form, after completing horizontal

I don't expect accessibility to have much to say on any of this spec, except
that as enabling better control over content-based sizing as we're doing here
is good because it makes pages more robust to differing font choices. But in
any case:

Please raise any issues in the csswg GitHub repo:;!!J2_8gdp6gZQ!8kEgmys22Bt2SouyrA5wqPnpr3ZYPlbwQjUmu-12FUhxWRzep6BNnrZnfClxhRNkhrUK$
and let us know when you have completed your review.


= FAST Checklist =

If technology allows visual rendering of content:
* New keywords allow design of pages to more precisely use content-based
sizing algorithms, which improves ability to create resizeable pages.
* No other concerns apply.

If technology provides author control over color:
No control over color.

If technology provides features to accept user input:
No features to accept user input.

If technology provides user interaction features:
No user interaction features.

If technology defines document semantics:
Does not define document structure or semantics.

If technology provides time-based visual media:
No time-based visual media.

If technology provides audio:
Does not provide audio.

If technology allows time limits:
No time limits.

If technology allows text content:
Does not provide or define text layout.

If technology creates objects that don't have an inherent text representation:
Doesn't create objects that aren't text.

If technology provides content fallback mechanisms, whether text or other formats:
No fallback mechanisms.

If technology provides visual graphics:
Does not provide graphics.

If technology provides internationalization support:

If technology defines accessible alternative features:

If technology provides content directly for end-users:
I don't think this section applies...

If technology defines an API:
No APIs defined.

If technology defines a transmission protocol:
No transmission protocols defined.


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