Accessibility Review Request for CSS Sizing Level 3 [css-sizing-3]

Hi APA Working Group,

CSS WG requests Accessibility review of CSS Sizing Module Level 3

This CSS module defines the various sizing properties and concepts used 
throughout CSS. New features since CSS2 are summarized in

This specification is in the “almost CR” stage of development, so we expect it 
to transition, in more or less its current form, after completing horizontal 

I don't expect accessibility to have much to say on any of this spec, except 
that as enabling better control over content-based sizing as we're doing here 
is good because it makes pages more robust to differing font choices. But in 
any case:

Please raise any issues in the csswg GitHub repo:
and let us know when you have completed your review.


= FAST Checklist =

If technology allows visual rendering of content:
* New keywords allow design of pages to more precisely use content-based 
sizing algorithms, which improves ability to create resizeable pages.
* No other concerns apply.

If technology provides author control over color:
No control over color.

If technology provides features to accept user input:
No features to accept user input.

If technology provides user interaction features:
No user interaction features.

If technology defines document semantics:
Does not define document structure or semantics.

If technology provides time-based visual media:
No time-based visual media.

If technology provides audio:
Does not provide audio.

If technology allows time limits:
No time limits.

If technology allows text content:
Does not provide or define text layout.

If technology creates objects that don't have an inherent text representation:
Doesn't create objects that aren't text.

If technology provides content fallback mechanisms, whether text or other formats:
No fallback mechanisms.

If technology provides visual graphics:
Does not provide graphics.

If technology provides internationalization support:

If technology defines accessible alternative features:

If technology provides content directly for end-users:
I don't think this section applies...

If technology defines an API:
No APIs defined.

If technology defines a transmission protocol:
No transmission protocols defined.


Received on Friday, 23 October 2020 19:57:05 UTC