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Re: Comments on XAUR Specification

From: Joshue O Connor <joconnor@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2020 12:42:11 +0100
To: Thomas Logan <thomas@equalentry.com>
Cc: public-apa@w3.org
Message-ID: <25f4d252-9d26-e629-bfd2-24fdce600bb0@w3.org>
Hi Thomas,

Thank you for the feedback that is super helpful. I've put additional 
comments inline:

>     >> *Over emphasis on motion controls*.
>     >> I think it is worth mentioning and defining 3DOF and 6DOF because
>     >> they will
>     >> have their own specific mobility issues.
>     Can you mention here in your experience what they are for people with
>     disabilities?
> >6DOF will have implications for people who are quadripalegic and for 
> people that use a wheelchair / mobility aid for navigation. In this 
> case we are concerned >about moving directionally in physical space 
> and I think has a higher emphasis on the lower extremity for movement.
> >
> >3DOF will have implications for people who have motor impairments 
> that affect the use of one or both arms.

Regarding this, I've added your points to the draft but if you have URIs 
to related research to back up these assertions, can you forward them to 
me? I can then add it our reference section, and that will make the 
argument more robust.

>     >>
>     >> *Captions are missing*
>     >> Currently platforms don't have base level support for captioning of
>     >> multimedia content. Seems like this should be touched on in section
>     I'm missing what section you are referring to, can you let me know?
> I meant section 4. XR User Needs and Requirements. I see you have 4.19 
> about Subtitling Customization but I don't see a previous Requirement 
> about having Captions as a starting point.

Correct *grin Really good catch! I've updated this with a new 
requirement to cover the need to support Captions a la XR, in the second 
draft :-)

>     >> *Vestibular Disorders*
>     >> Motion sickness is common issue raised by people trying out VR.
>     >> Teleportation / other movement issues should be called out as core
>     >> challenge.
>     Done.
>     >> 4.2 Immersive semantics and customization
>     >> [image: image.png]
>     >> Recommend navigate and identify locations be a separate item of
>     >> interest.
>     I'm not sure about that at this point - we may call out into
>     different
>     sections in a later draft.
> Makes sense to me.  I think there is additional work to build a 
> navigation UI that is separate from having an annotation UI for 
> objects. I'll try to share some real world examples from VR 
> experiences soon.

Great, thanks.

Emerging Web Technology Specialist/Accessibility (WAI/W3C)
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