Requesting a11y review for Screen Wake Lock API


The Devices and Sensors WG plan to publish CR of the Screen Wake Lock 
API. Here's the current ED:

This document specifies an API that allows web applications to request a 
screen wake lock. Under the right conditions, and if allowed, the screen 
wake lock prevents the system from turning off a device's screen.

Changes since the last CR:

I have worked through the FAST Checklist and this specification:

* defines an API
* does not allow visual rendering of content
* does not provide author control over color
* does not provide features to accept user input
* does not provide user interaction features
* does not define document semantics
* does not provide time-based visual media
* does not provide audio
* does not allow text content
* does not create objects that don't have an inherent text
* does not provide visual graphics
* allows time limits (user agents and the underlying OS may time limit a 
wake lock given the battery status, or even disallow wake locks in the 
case a power saving mode is activated)

Most of the accessibility concerns are tangential to this spec, but if
you do find any issues, please file them at



Received on Thursday, 6 August 2020 10:29:01 UTC