Re: APA Comments on the MSE CR

Hi, Yosuke:

Thank you for your willingness to use the newly developing accessible
SVG technology in the MSE specification. The APA WG is very interested
in helping W3C move toward using accessible SVG to the extent
practicable. As discussed in yesterday's APA call minuted at:

Sometimes this will be difficult, but other times quite easy. My
recollection of our look at the MSE diagram is that it would fall into
the relatively easy category, but let me introduce you to Fred Esch,
Co-Chair of the ARIA-SVG Accessibility Task Force for direct help with
the MSE diagram. I've cc'd Fred in this email, because getting Fred
directly involved was exactly a key outcome of yesterday's APA
discussion. So, your request is indeed timely!

Please let me know If I can help further.



Yosuke Funahashi writes:
> Hi Janina,
> Thanks a lot for your comments on the MSE spec.
> I'll be improving the diagram in light of three comments you made in your
> review. I'm currently thinking about if an accessible SVG diagram is
> feasible for the spec schedule-wise and complexity-wise, however, couldn't
> find a good introductory material about the SVG accessibility.
> I'd appreciate if you could provide me with a link to such a document or
> introduce me to somebody who can give me an introduction.
> Best regards,
> Yosuke
> -- 
> Yosuke Funahashi
> co-Chair, W3C Web and TV IG
> Web Media Specialist, W3C
> Project Associate Professor, Keio University


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