RE: scrolling and scroll bars

Screen readers read all content that is in the DOM but not explicitly hidden
from the AX tree, i.e., display:none, visibility:hidden, aria-hidden=true.


Screen readers (unlike magnifiers) do not care about visual scrolling as
long as scrolling is not adding to or removing from the DOM or changing
whether content is explicitly hidden. 




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Subject: scrolling and scroll bars


Matt and Bryan,

For APA I have a task to review CSS Overflow Module Level 3
<> . A main feature of this doc is
defining and handling of scrollable areas. How does AT report scrollbars and
is it important for a non-sighted user to know whether an area is scrollable
or not? Another issue is do AT's report info that is visually clipped, that
is does the AT read the data as if it weren't visually clipped or does it
somehow try to represent only what is visible?


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