I am putting in logic to skip unnecessary optional sub-feature tests when
the parent feature is not implemented.  
This looks like it does cut down on the number of 'failed' tests that show
in the runner test results - the skipped tests simply aren't run and so no
results (good or bad) are generated for skipped tests. But I don't know
exactly how the report generator will merge results files.  
To help find out, you should expect to see tomorrow a pull request with a
test result for an annotation (similar to example 44) that implements all
the major optional features (e.g., body, textual  body, specific resource,
choice, agent) and a second test result for a minimal annotation that
implements none of these features (and so none of the associated
sub-features).  This will provide a way to see what the merged report looks
like. Hopefully less red. (We will need to delete these 2 test results once
we've learned.)
Meanwhile, Janina tells me she has started on her pull request with updated
results, but had to run off to another meeting.  Expect to see her new PR
this evening or tomorrow.
Tim Cole

Received on Friday, 9 September 2016 21:40:11 UTC