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From: gsergiu via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2016 08:24:40 +0000
To: public-annotation@w3.org
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> It's much harder to cache when every client requests different page 
I consider caching to be an implementation only concern, which is out 
of scope of specifications (as it currently is). Also ... I'm not 
convinced that the page size is really a problem for caching

> It's impossible to implement as a static set of files on disk
I see no problem with that. Of course &pageSize=1 and  &pageSize=2 are
 two differently resources, and in the case that an implementation 
wants to support this kind of caching they will need to generate at 
first access and store 2 different files. (again .. these are 
implementations issues and not normative aspects)

> The size of annotations can vary wildly, particularly if the server 
doesn't return all of the information for an annotation in the page 
response. Guessing how many to retrieve requires knowledge of the 
dataset, which is not feasible to obtain.
I would dissagree with this. The jsonapi specifications are 
transmitting the pageSize a query parameter. This has nothing to do 
with guessing, but common implementations are imposing a max value for
 the pageSize. Again implementation corcern and not a specification 
concern, except if you want to set an error code if requested pageSize
 is greater than the maxPageSize. Still ... I don't feel there is a 
need to specify something like that.

> It's trivial to either request pages until the number the client 
wants is reached (if per page size is less than desired), or to ignore
 annotations if the page size is greater than the number wanted.
Exactly this is why implementations use the per page size, and we have
 the perfect example in the specifications. It even makes sense that 
implementations use different defaultPageSize and maxPageSize for 
pages wher &iris is set to 0 ore 1.
You don't want to kill the server by sending 1000 requests to get all 
IRIs of 1000 annotations. But one could typically inlcude 100 IRIs in 
response when iris=1 and 10 annotation when iris=0.

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