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@gsergiu , @pciccarese is misremembering. As @azaroth42 mentions, 
motivation was introduced by the community group to explicitly replace
 the flat class "hierarchy" that one of its predecessors (the open 
annotation collaboration (OAC)) had previously established. One of 
it's (many) functions is to provide a hook for searching by 
_annotation kind_. 

However, it was pointed out that one of the problems with reusing 
rdfs:Class in this way is that it conflates _kind of content_ with 
_specialization/generalization of kind_. Since the OAC class 
vocabulary was essentially noting the kind of content (along the axis 
of annotation intentions) and it was decided that formalizing it's 
metadata as a predicate whose range was mapped to SKOS concepts would 
be much more flexible than trying to create an overarching class 
hierarchy that would inevitably expand forever (or bog down with 
debates about conflicting terminological definitions).

If you look at the community group's archives the pertinent 
discussions, especially at the final face-to-face meeting (somewhere 
there are slides on this topic by Bob Morris and myself) can be found.

+1 to Rob's close wontfix.

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