Re: [web-annotation] Reference to text encoding in spec perhaps not appropriate


> I don't believe, @iherman, that this is what the snippeting is used 
for. Or at least that there exist a number of use cases where the text
 is later presented to a human and not merely used by a machine for 

I do not see/understand this use case. Text quote selector is defined 
to select a segment of a resource, and the normalization is there to 
make the selection process unequivocal. If the original selected 
segment is to be presented to the user, too, that is a disjoint 
process which does not necessary involves the what is used by the 
selector for the comparison (ie, what is stored _internally_ by the 
user agent when a Selector is defined).

> @fsasaki: I don't necessarily agree. Removing markup from the quoted
 text, regardless of the source format, is desirable, since you don't 
want markup in the plain text.

Why not? If the media type is plain text, then I do not believe the 
annotation tools should try to interpret the content. Plain text means
 that it should be considered as a bunch of characters without any 
semantics. In other words, I actually believe that any type of markup 
_should not_ be removed if the format is plain text. The markup _is_ 
the user facing text in that case. Ie, I believe my original comment, 
that the "if applicable" is very much in order; markup should be 
removed only if it is an XML/HTML media type.

> I must admit that I'm curious why Text Quote Selectors exist without
 reference to position. If they were a special case of Text Position 
Selector, wouldn't that work more reliably? After all, some texts are 
highly repetitive. Without a position number, the quote selector might
 match many places in the source document.

Selectors may be combined and also used to refine another. One can, 
for example, use a range selector making use of text position 
selectors to define a range of the text, and then refine the results 
using a text quote selectors.

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Received on Monday, 30 May 2016 15:41:10 UTC