Re: [web-annotation] Reference to text encoding in spec perhaps not appropriate

@aphillips, first of all, thank you. Personally (not being an expert) 
I am fine with your suggested steps to replace what is in the current 
ED. Just some comments:

1. in entry no. 2 above, the final text should add a qualifier of 'if 
applicable'. The selector can be used for pure text or even PDF files,
 where that entry is irrelevant.
2. isn't it correct that the ``dir`` attribute is really relevant on 
the _rendering_ of the text? If so, I do not see any issue simply 
remove it; after all, the end of the algorithm produces texts that are
 used for textual comparisons...
3. I do not have any experience of the implementation of these steps, 
ie, whether it is difficult or easy in various environments. This is, 
after all, and issue for the CR phase. I think that it is worth, when 
going to CR, to
  1. call out to this explicitly and ask implementers to provide us 
the necessary feedback
  2. maybe (but only maybe) identify whether some of these steps may 
be identified as "at risk" in advance (or the whole thing?)

The procedural importance of 3.ii above is that if implementers run 
into major issues and we will be forced to revoke some of these steps,
 we can do that at the end of the CR period without being forced to 
re-issue a CR again.

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Received on Sunday, 29 May 2016 08:34:14 UTC