New Web Annotation motivation for (data quality) assessment?

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The W3C Data on the Web Best Practices has released a new version of its Data Quality Vocabulary (DQV) working draft.
DQV makes uses of the Web Annotation model for representing 'Quality Assessments' [1].

But for doing this, we need a way to explicitly represent that these QA annotations are about QA. There are basically two options:
- create our own subclass of oa:Annotation
- use the standard Annotation class, but use it together with an instance of oa:Motivation (linked to the annotation by oa:purpose) that reflects the QA goal, such as dqv:qualityAssessment.

For the moment we've implemented the second option, and I think it is our prefered one. But this can be changed. In fact we have discussed the matter with you earlier [2], and we've agreed it could be better to leave some time for both specs to mature. Now clearly the time has come!

First, it would be good to have a sort of approval on whether our motivation-based approach still seems the right one to follow.

Second, if the WA group agrees with our motivation-based approach, then we need to think of the fate of dqv:qualityAssessment.
Rob and I have just discussed it at the iAnnotate conference.

Ideally for DQV the qualityAssessment Motivation would sit in the WA namespace, so that we do not have to do a motivation extension for just one instance of oa:Motivation.
Even if the WA group would not do this, we need a proper instance of oa:Motivation in the default set of motivations (something like oa:assessment), so that we can specialize it.
Our problem is indeed that qualityAssessment doesn't really match *one* existing motivation. Some quality assessment can be comments, other could be tags.

Could the WA WG include something with the vocabulary for us to be able to meet our needs?

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Received on Friday, 27 May 2016 06:57:29 UTC