Re: [web-annotation] exactly 0 or 1 language(s)

@hugomanguinhas, @gsergiu: 
If it's not possible to choose a language to use for processing the 
text, then indeed, it's not possible. We can't solve that, but we can 
allow annotation publishing systems that /do/ know the language to use
 to provide it, rather than requiring the client to guess.  It would 
not be required, so systems that either do not know or do not wish to 
provide it, are not adversely affected. The model would not make 
mandatory requirements on consuming agents as to what to do ... that 
would be very restrictive and just result in the proposal not getting 
through CR.

It is also important to remember that there's the possibility of using
 HTML or other serialization that can record language, fonts, and so 
forth within the target or body resource.  Then it is up to the 
rendering client to process that as specified by the format's 

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