Re: [web-annotation] Create reference set of correct/incorrect annotations for test development

To describe the set of invalid annotations that would be useful:

* Missing required properties (eg Annotation without a type or target,
 Selector without a value)
* Wrong data type for property (type with a number, id with an object,
 value with a number, ...)
* Wrong type of resource for property (creator with a 
SpecificResource, selector with a State)
* Wrong cardinality for property (multiple created dates or canonical 
* Data type does not fulfill requirements (dateTime that isn't Z 
timezone, unknown value for enumerated property like textDirection)

And warning generating annotations:

* Unknown properties (
* Unknown values for properties (annotation.motivation = fish)

Anything further?

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Received on Tuesday, 24 May 2016 21:31:44 UTC