Re: [web-annotation] exactly 0 or 1 language(s)

My 2c:

* language: The Body or Target SHOULD have exactly 1 language 
associated with it, but MAY have 0 or more.  If the resource contains 
content in a mixture of languages, and there is a particular language 
to use for text processing, then that language should be given in the 
processingLanguage property.

* processingLanguage: The language to use for text processing 
algorithms such as line breaking, hyphenation, which font to use, and 
similar.  Each Body and Target MAY have 0 or exactly 1 
processingLanguage.  If this property is not present and the language 
property is given as a single language, then the client SHOULD use 
that language for processing requirements.

Then if there's the case when there are multiple languages and there's
 a need to specify which one to use for text processing, there's 
somewhere to do it.  However for the simple (and frequent) case of a 
single language, then the client knows it should use the language 
property rather than repeat it in both fields.


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Received on Monday, 23 May 2016 21:17:22 UTC