Re: [web-annotation] Request header and language negotiation

> Accept-Language header is just an aspiration, it's the 
Content-Language response header that gives you more useful 
information about what version of the document was actually viewed.

Further to @iherman, an implementation might record the value from 
Content-Language ... but that too might be insufficient, as it could 
be triggering the language detection from the initial client's IP 
address (which can't be reproduced, obviously), from the user agent, 
or from any number of other factors.  The best we can do is to __not__
 over specify exactly how the headers must be implemented, and instead
 provide a framework for clients to fill out information to the best 
of their ability, given perhaps out of band knowledge.  The most 
generic thing we can do is provide a way to record what request 
headers to send on the HTTP request for the resource... which is what 
Http Request State is.

If this is sufficient explanation, can we re-close the issue?

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Received on Saturday, 21 May 2016 08:53:52 UTC