Rights on the annotation and annotation body

I'm certain this came up before, so pointers would be appreciated:

Are there use-cases where the rights on the annotation is different than 
the rights on the annotation body? Or is it simply because it is 
possible to associate the rights anywhere.

How are implementations currently utilising this?

I think part of the decision whether to use both, or one or the other is 
how it could be discovered. Are implementations pointing at the 
oa:Annotation IRI or oa:hasBody's IRI from the target (or elsewhere)? Is 
there a documented good practice here? My current implementation points 
at the oa:Annotation IRI since rest of the information can be discovered 
from there (not to mention that oa:hasBody IRI doesn't have a "part of" 
pointer back at oa:Annotations AFAIK).


Received on Friday, 20 May 2016 15:52:13 UTC