[web-annotation] Data type, cardinality questions, typos

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== Data type, cardinality questions, typos ==

- [ ] Can `@context` be used on any resource, or only the Annotation. 
If only Annotation, then conflicting extensions can occur, that could 
be avoided by limiting the scope of the context definition
- [ ] The data type of `rights` is unclear -- IRI only ? We took out 
embedded rights statements already, and I can't think of any 
properties for licenses other than perhaps language and format.
- [ ] The cardinality of `rights` is unclear -- I think it should be 
0..1. Currently has a typo.
- [ ] Can the `via` links be objects with further properties, or IRI 
only ?

(will edit the issue in place as more come up, hooray for planes with 

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