Re: DOI and other identifiers

On Sat, May 7, 2016, 12:51 Bill Kasdorf <> wrote:

> Note that registering a DOI requires action on the part of the registrant.
> Even if were to become an RA, the creator of an annotation
> wanting an "AnnoDOI" would need to submit some sort of metadata to the RA
> to register the DOI. An "unregistered DOI" is NOT a DOI. You can't just
> make them up. ;) Hence the fundamental reason I think this in no way could
> be a canonical identifier for annotations in general.—Bill K

Annotations typically already have metadata. As per the vocabulary they
might have creation and serialization times, authors and serializing
agents, tags, ... or any other metadata a system wants to add to this list.

Is that insufficient?

I'm trying to get at whether there would actually be any technical barrier
preventing an organization that becomes an RA from freely minting DOIs for
every annotation they publish.


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