[web-annotation] Usage of 'dc:' in the model document?

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== Usage of 'dc:' in the model document? ==
I was a bit surprised, in section 5.1 of the latest version of the 
model document (2016-03-18) the example using `dc:description`. On the
 one hand, it is perfectly fine to use it and, from a strict JSON-LD 
point of view it is also correct, because the `dc` prefix, ie, CURIE-s
 using `dc:` are fine according to our `@context` file. However, this 
is the only place I believe in the document when this mechanism is 
used; we usually use a pure term (and the corresponding mapping) in 
the `@context` file.

I am perfectly file adding the term `description`, mapping to 
`dc:description` into the section on `Other properties` (3.3). But it 
is not a property that really fits into any of the subsections of that
 section, which is a bit awkward. Maybe a new subsection with some 
more common dc terms listed is the best of option (`subject`, `title`,

Alternatively, remove that term from the example, because it is, in 
fact, what we now call an extension. 

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