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== Acknowledgement section content and change section ==
The acknowledgement section in the current editors' draft (Febr 19) 
only refers to the community group and it also lists the differences 
between the CG document and this one. It is also usual to acknowledge 
the Working Group (by, eg, listing all its members by name, or at 
least its active members' by name) and possibly others who have been 
active in the issues and comments, albeit not being members of the 

Another issue is that, from now on, we will have to document the 
changes of the document in future releases; 'horizontal' reviews like 
A11y or others usually like to have that around. 

I would propose to:

* Create a separate 'changes' (informative) section which would 
contain, for now, the differences between the OA document and this one
 (instead of being in the Ack. section)
* Leave the acknowledgement to the community group in the Ack. 
section, and add a reference to the WG and others as mentioned above 
(It is of course fine not to list the names for now and just have this
 as a placeholder and it may be done later when the document is final)

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