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[web-annotation] HTML Serialization Use Cases

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Date: Mon, 01 Feb 2016 01:47:02 +0000
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== HTML Serialization Use Cases ==
The issue of how to serialize Web annotations in HTML has come up a 
number of times on the WG list, in WG calls, and in regard to at least
 one open issue (#87). However, as became clear during the WG call on 
27 Jan 2016, what we collectively mean by HTML Serialization needs 
more definition. In particular we need well-defined use cases and 
better definition of scope before we can provide guidance to 
implementers and discuss HTML serialization in WG Recommendations or 
our other documents. We also need to determine which facets of the 
HTML Serialization issue need to be dealt with before model and 
vocabulary go to CR, and which facets should be deferred to next 

Please add HTML serialization use cases to this issue. This will allow
 us to cluster and raise new issues dealing with specific aspects of 
HTML serialization as required and to better identify the technologies
 and approaches that can be used to best address the full range of 
HTML Serialization use cases. 

To help get you started, for this discussion all of the following 
should be considered potentially in scope (pending review of use cases
 submitted), and likely you will think of additional categories of 
HTML Serialization use cases:

•       HTML as another serialization format for Web Annotations – for
 example, expressing an annotation using RDFa, RDFa Lite, microdata.

•       Expressing a Web Annotation by mapping our vocabulary directly
 to HTML

•       Web Annotations embedded in HTML documents which also contain 
the annotation target(s) and/or body(ies).

•       Use cases that require dynamically updating the HTML DOM as 
footnotes, comments and other forms of annotation of the HTML are 

Technologies implementing some of these use cases exist and may be 
referenced in use cases submitted, but at this point in the process, 
our focus should be on defining and describing the use cases you think
 the WG should address. The best approach(es) to use will best be 
hashed out in more specific issue threads once we have a better sense 
of scope and have done some sorting and prioritizing.

Please view or discuss this issue at 
https://github.com/w3c/web-annotation/issues/147 using your GitHub 
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