Re: [web-annotation] The textDirection and processingLanguage properties are not needed

@kevinmarks @r12a 
Well ... we might need a solution that integrates both approaches... 
because we have very different situations for embedded texts and 
external resources!
1. Yes, I do agree that signalizing the language for the each part of 
the text is the best solution; therefore this should be the preferred 
one. The open question is ... what is better to split the body in 
multiple bodies? to use embedded html? or to build a new json 
construct that fits better our purpose (... multiple bodies and 
embedded html are quite verbose or ugly for a json based API )

2. but ... keep in mind that the external resources are not under our 
control ... so we cannot change them, we have to leave with their "not
 internationalized"/legacy representation. So .. we cannot inline 
language and text direction,  nor can we split the resource!

We can use the approach 1. only for the text embedded in the 
annotations, meaning here Textual Body and TextSelectors (where 
applicable) and internationalized resources.
@BigBlueHat if I understood it correctly.. you are referring also to 
TextualBody (inline strings)

However, the big problem that originated this set of issues is the 
not-internationalized external resources. And none of the discussed 
solutions address this problem!
I have to reference again the wiki entry that documents this issues:

Unfortunately the definition of the fields, was changed too much ... 
and doesn't reflect the initial purpose of these fields, ... (and 
tryies to claim more that these fields can actually do)
According to 
ProcessingLanugage and  TextDirection have only the meaning of 
specifying a default language and text direction for external 
resources (bodies or targets) that doesn't specify a language, doesn't
 specifies it appropriately (i.e. text direction can be automatically 
derived from the script tag)  or it specifies more languages.   

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