Re: [web-annotation] The textDirection and processingLanguage properties are not needed

> On 7 Aug 2016, at 19:20, Rob Sanderson <> 
> I assume
> "The Working Group [...] MAY identify features in the document as 
"at risk" ... without a requirement to publish a new Candidate 
> is before the initial CR rather than as a silent change to an 
existing document in CR. The wording probably should have been:
> ... MAY remove features previously marked "at risk" without ...
> (metaspecifications are always fun! :) )

My reading is that the group *may* identify (possibly new) "at risk" 
features before re-issuing a CR that this section is dealing with. 
Which is identical to what the group is allowed to do before issuing 
the original CR.

Removing 'at risk' features happen when going to PR, and is the 
natural possible action with or without a new CR publication.

> With that reading, we can't just mark them at risk whenever we want 
(which would have been useful, in this case).
That is my reading, too. We would need a bona fide CR republication 
with the Director's approval.
> We have the testing process in hand, given that (a) the purpose is 
to verify that it has been implemented, not to validate the 
implementations and (b) they're optional parts of a feature, not 
individual features themselves.
> I think all of the concerns have been addressed, and it's okay to 
close the issue?

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