[web-annotation] Clarify scope of the key 'purpose' in Section 3.3.5

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== Clarify scope of the key 'purpose' in Section 3.3.5 ==
3.3.5 introduces the 'purpose' key for use with Textual Bodies.  For 
clarity we should depart from normal style rules and **consistently** 
use the 'Textual' modifier with **all** occurrences of 'Body' 
throughout both the first paragraph and the Example Use Case 
paragraph. Thus (asterisks highlight added words):

**3.3.5 Motivation and Purpose**

In many cases it is important to understand the reasons why the 
Annotation was created, or why the Textual Body was included in the 
Annotation, not just the times and agents involved. These reasons are 
provided by declaring the motivation for the Annotation's creation or 
the purpose for the inclusion of the * Textual * Body in the 
Annotation; the "why" rather than the "who" and "when" described in 
the previous sections.

Example Use Case: Qitara annotates a resource intending to bookmark it
 for future reference, and provides a description and a tag to make it
 easier to find again. Her client adds the right motivations to the 
Annotation and the * Textual * Body resources to capture this.

> end snippet 

We might also consider adding a forward reference to 4.1 in an added 
note, e.g.:

Note: 4.1 describes how an expression of the Motivation for including 
an External Web Resource within an Annotation is modeled.


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