Re: [web-annotation] The textDirection and processingLanguage properties are not needed

Discussed on the telco of 2016-08-05.  The resolution was that there 
is no new information that wasn't already discussed. The proposal does
 not address the established need to cover non unicode content, 
however much we might like to simply require unicode everywhere, 
[which is the topic of #336]

However, we fully acknowledge that the i18n group are the experts in 
this matter. If @r12a @fsasaki @aphillips would please weigh in to 
clarify, we're happy to go with whatever those recommendations are. 
We've tagged this as `wontfix` but not closed it, anticipating that 
the reaction will be that things haven't changed since the previous 
discussion and we should continue to include them.

If the text is unclear, we continue to seek explicit proposals for how
 to improve it and would very much welcome i18n review of that text to
 ensure that we are correctly representing the requirements and usage.
 [which does not have a separate issue]

For the resolution of "It is not the responsibility to correct wrong 
html/pdf/xml", we have opened Issue #339 to clarify that annotation 
born descriptive features are hints and not to be considered 
authoritative information. This covers much much more than just this 
one feature, and will be prominent at the top of the document.

Reference: (and 

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