Re: [web-annotation] The textDirection and processingLanguage properties are not needed

On Thu, Aug 4, 2016 at 11:21 AM, Rob Sanderson 

> That said, the review did reveal needs that aren't solved by 
unicode. The
> properties are not only for embedded strings (which in JSON we can 
> to be unicode) but for arbitrary resources with URIs. I have no idea
> PDFs store text strings (for example) and how well implemented the 
> characters are in those strings, but I can point you to many 
instances of
> older or just badly implemented XML documents in a huge variety of
> encodings. As these resources can take the role of the body of the
> Annotation, the unicode proposal isn't sufficient to address the
> requirements.
That seems even more aspirational then. I have no idea how you would 
the utility of these properties if you don't know how to process the 
ancient XML formats in question.

The claimed need for these is to correctly present external resources 
the user. How concretely would processingLanguage and textDirection 
you to do this with PDF or legacy XML?
Do the libraries you use to parse and display them take such 
parameters? Is
there a codebase you can point to that uses them? If not, I'm not sure
you could begin to build test cases for them.

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