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[web-annotation] Selector/media table

From: Ivan Herman via GitHub <sysbot+gh@w3.org>
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2016 10:20:35 +0000
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iherman has just created a new issue for 

== Selector/media table ==
I have put up an [initial 
table](http://w3c.github.io/web-annotation/model/medias.html) for 
media types and selectors (see PR #202). This issue is a spin-off of 
for issue #165.

I also added a second table, where some rows that are unclear, eg, 
CSS, JSON, and Javascript (obviously, any other programming languages 
could play the same role). Indeed, the current selector structure is 
fairly poor in terms of these, although annotating a, say, program, is
 a clear use case. The text position selector for these is also poorly
 defined (probably it should be considered in a 'minimized' version 

Some questions/issues

* [ ] The reference to official media types may not be always 
appropriate. What is the media type of a binary data file? Maybe the 
entry should be 'anything that is not covered above'?

* [ ] I do *not* propose to extend the current selectors to encompass 
CSS/JS/JSON; I do not think there is enough experience for these. 
However, we should add section in the vocab document, similarly to the
 extension section on motivation, on the possibility to extend 
selectors, and also add a reference to that extension possibility in 
the model document to make things more explicit. We could then use the
 CSS, JSON, and Javascript as example. A, say, Javascript selector 
*may* include keys like 'function' or 'variable', meaning that the 
selector could specify the definition of a function or the creation of
 a variable; combined with, say, the selector for text position or 
range it could provide a good way to select a relevant part of a 
program. Something similar could be done for CSS or for JSON.

* [ ] There may be a need to give a more precise specification for 
some of the selectors for specific media types (if we accept them for 
that media type). For example, if a text position (or text quote) 
selector is "valid" for CSV, should the position number include the 
separator (i.e., ",") character? 

* [ ] There are some questions marks where I was not sure...

* [ ] Some entries are such that there is no formal definition for a 
fragment, but it is relatively clear what they mean. (E.g., in Turtle,
 the RDF identification of a term/URI prevails, TSV would use the same
 as CSV). We may decide to be silent on this, but flagging the issue 

Cc @azaroth42 @paolociccarese @BigBlueHat 

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